On paper they made so much sense. That paper being the glossy pages of Porter Magazine, worn, no doubt, by a flawless waif silhouette with perfectly mussed hair and zero boobage to worry about.
img_7970Last year, when I initially received this lovely pair of knitted culottes I fell in love instantly. However, like so many purchases; though my mind whirred with outfit ideas while it was on the rack, or in this case on the website, in the harsh reality that is coffee-in-hand, tugging-hairbrush-through-head, you-have fifteen-minutes-to-put-a-look-together, brush-your-teeth-and-grab-something-to-eat; I couldn’t quite figure them out. Oversized is constantly being pushed by pushy women’s magazines claiming layers conceal all the lumps and bumps we don’t want the world to see, but that’s not entirely true. And it is all the more prevalent while panic dressing, 8am on a Monday.
Panic dressing is always a problem. Having tried every roll-neck, t-shirt and button-down in my reach then discarded each and every one into the pile that became half my wardrobe spilled on to the floor, I gave up. I grabbed my boring – ‘non-fashion’ – skinny jeans and an almond croissant then spent the rest of the day feeling like a bit of a failure. Dramatic? Maybe, but the culottes found their way into the deepest depths of my wardrobe where they sat gathering dust, until very recently.
Upon rediscovery these badboys slid seamlessly into my fall wardrobe. Ironically, the way I’m wearing them here is pretty much exactly how I had envisioned them this time last year. What’s different? I’m not sure.
I guess the lesson here is that just because they aren’t right today, doesn’t mean they aren’t right tomorrow.
Or maybe it’s to stop hitting snooze. And cut back on the almond croissants, maybe.


Matalan Jumper | Zelle Studio Culottes | Mango Boots
Ph: Andre Bernal

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