If anything were to sum up 2016, sartorially speaking, it would be sleeves. Bell sleeves, off the shoulder sleeves, Ellery sleeves (swoon) and now, super duper looooong sleeves. Whether it’s the slinky, ribbed knits over elongating the already lean, lithe ballerina arms at Dion Lee, the sizable marble furs at Rodarte or the oh-so-dreamy delicate knitwear at Ryan Roche; letting the cuffs slip haphazardly past the fingertips feels like a shout out to adolescence. Mine, specifically.


In my first year at secondary school my mum would pack me off each morning with the biggest puffer coat. “You’ll get cold on the bus,” she’d insist. Wide eyed in horror, I mean the lining was an acid orange yellow and it came past my knees, I’d make my way to the end of our street until I was safely out of sight where I’d stuff the gigantic thing into my satchel. Then, hustling my bulging school bag, I’d shiver my way to the bus stop, and as gloves too were a infantile fashion faux pas, with the sleeves of my too-big school jumper stretched over my hands and clutched into a ball in my palm. One day I missed the bus and walked back home coatless in the rain, I was drenched and my mum was furious. I’ve been battling bouts of the same cold ever since.
Now I’m not claiming I single-handedly inspired the look; but perhaps young girls everywhere; from the boisterious in massive sweaters, tucked into their cutoffs and stomp-around-boots, to the shy, chewing on their too long sleeves, heads tucked into a book, to the cold and too ‘cool’ for a coat girl. No longer too cool for a coat, especially the coat, but still embracing the sleeve tug. Part style trick, part solution to lost/forgotten gloves.
And while I’m no longer adverse to wearing gloves, specificallyΒ of the buttery soft leather variety, my attitude towards the puffer jacket remains unchanging.
Sorry, Demna
Asos Coat | Missguided Knit | Mango Jeans | Dune Boots
Ph: Andre Bernal

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