Writing, writing, writing. And when I’m not writing, I’m reading. Or sleeping.

Not that I dislike writing, I am a journalism student, but writing my dissertation and reading ‘academic’ texts from the confines of my four office walls is making me a bit on edge. Firstly, academic texts, regardless of the topic, make literally the dullest reading material. Secondly, cabin fever.

Deadlines, for Carrie seemed to be nothing but an excuse to avoid awkward social situations, for me seem to be punctuating time in place of weekends and holidays. Deadlines and coffee breaks, that is. That bitch seriously set us all up. Never mind; gazing out the window of my rent controlled nyc apartment and pondering life’s least important philosophical questions is not on the itinerary. All I can say, is how grateful I am for the eternally chic black roll-neck. Saving me from looking as frazzled as I feel while dashing in and out of the university library for even more academic books, and during snack runs.

Also grateful for the next few month of layering weather, allowing me to cover and (fingers-crossed) lose the muffin top and bingo wings I’m growing; courtesy of aforementioned snack runs and procrastibaking.

I do hope your Friday night is more excitingΒ than mine is set to be. Love.


Primark Roll-neck | H&M necklace | Vintage bracelet | Topshop Mom Jeans

Ph: Self-portraits by yours truly.

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