A serious life (okay, lip) saver.

Australia is the new, more-beachy less-snobby, Paris. If only in my mind. From Phoebe Tonkin to Kym Ellery, Dion Lee to Sara Donaldson, Margaret Zhang to Ilona Hammer; Aussies do it best. No need to mention their skin. Lanolips, the latest Aussie miracle treatment gaining traction this side of the hemisphere, and my current go-to balm.
I was first introduced to Lanolips during a case of seriously chapped lips a month or so ago; nothing was helping to heal them and so I picked up a tube of the 101 ointment as a last resort. Literally overnight my lips were almost completely healed. After tossing countless pots and tubes of lip balms, scrubs and ointments, I was so happy to finally find one that works. I knew I’d be sticking with this one.
A sucker for a good brand story (so millennial, *eye roll*)  and a nice bit of skincare science – I have a weird fascination with dermatology – the tale behind this brand only makes me more loyal. The whole lanolips range is based on the sole ingredient being Lanolin, which is essentially the wax found in sheeps wool. It is a cruelty-free by-product of the wool industry and it holds up to 400% it’s weight in moisture. Also, it’s molecular structure mimics that of human skin lipids so it is used in surgery to encourage the healing of open wounds. Kirsten Carriol, daughter of a DNA scientist, grand-daughter of a farmer, thought up the idea whilst lamenting her dry, chapped lips on a flight. She remembered the times spent on her grandfather’s farm and her father telling her that the lanolin on the sheep’s wool was ‘the secret to skin moisturisation’. With that knowledge she built her brand.
Flicking through Porter a few weeks back I came across a subscription deal offering a year of the magazine (6 issues) at a reduced price and a set of Lanolips products. I’d been meaning to set up a subscription with Porter for some time now, and I was eager to add a few more Lanolips products to my arsenal. It really was a no brainer…


Lanolips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm | The ultimate lip balm. I’ve also used this around my nose after a pretty nasty cold (gross, I know) and massaged it into my cuticles too.
Lanolips Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1 | Another great one for dry lips, but with a little sheen too so it’s nice for the evening. Smells amazing – though only if you like bananas, obviously.
Lano All-Over Everywhere Multi-Cream | Lanolin with a milk blend. This is a good moisturiser; it’s quite thick and heavy but without feeling greasy. Like all the other products it has multiple uses; body cream, day cream, night cream, eye cream. It’s gentle enough for babies, and you can mix it with foundation for a hydrating tinted moisturiser.
Lano Hands Rose Hand Cream | I’m a real hand cream advocate, especially at this time of year. Rose isn’t my favourite scent, at all – my mum always told me roses smell like cat pee so I think that’s just stuck in my head. This is a good hand cream though, just not the first one I’d grab for, because of the scent and because it leaves a sticky layer on the hands which bugs me a bit when I’m trying to get shit done. If I had super dry hands though, I know this one would work a treat.
Lano All-Over Golden Dry Skin Salve | Definitely my favourite out of the bunch. It’s lanolin blended with manuka honey, it’s smells like the golden barrel out of the box of roses. It’s texture, to be expected, is really sticky and balmy. You have to warm it up between your fingers or on the back of your hand, and it can be used anywhere really. Dry hands, elbows, knees, heels. I’ve been using it as another, super luxurious, lip balm.

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