In true Kea fashion, this ‘new year, new me’ installment is coming to you almost a month too late.
I’ll spare you the faux soul-searching excuse and just say I’ve been slammed with uni work, and wish you all the health and happiness for 2017 (and beyond). ย Hopefully, while I was up to my elbows in dissertation (still am), you were at the gym, drinking green juices and generally bettering yourself in whatever shape or form your resolutions came. Personally, my only resolution for 2017 is to keep my head above water.ย With graduation only five months away, I’m not sure whether I should be more panicked about the time leading up to then, and all that needs to be done, or the months following, which are an abyss of uncertainty. Safe to say I’m shitting myself. But I’m sure I’ll be fine. I will. I will, I will, I will. Won’t I?
And a note on fashion, since this is a ‘fashion blog’ after all… This is my ‘trying to stay chic while freezing my balls off’ look. Seriously though, post-christmas the morning frost has kind of lost it’s charm. Honestly, dressing oneself for outdoors is a marathon that I’d happily trade in for hours cocooned in Meg Ryan marathons, with feet strategically placed over the radiator (just me?), and an endless stream of baths. Baths are the only thing keeping me going right now.



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