My latest news stand discovery.

Actually, I’d been looking out for this one for a long while after discovering via Instagram, naturally, before finally spotting a copy in Wardour News. But it was worth the wait. This is possibly the best print I have ever bought and has provided endless inspiration.
‘Women, by women, for women’ is the gist, and it’s very simple and clean but powerful and feminine; filled with really striking imagery. It’s not too wordy, which is usually something I wouldn’t go for but the editorials are so gorgeous it doesn’t matter. From cover to cover, every single page is so beautiful it wouldn’t look out of place framed on the wall. I honestly don’t think I could ever bring myself to chuck it out. It’s earned a well-deserved spot on the permanent pile.




Great print aside; my attentions lately have been firmly set on the digital sphere. Currently working on my final major project – I study Fashion Journalism at UCA for those who don’t know – I am painfully aware of the short space of time between now and deadline day. I won’t share too much now, but it is a digital project and I, hopefully, will be sharing a bit of the development alongside my usual ramblings in the coming weeks. Much Love.

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