8 Months, No Blog

If I’m honest, in the months that passed without my posting, touching or even glancing at this page, I had little intention of returning to it. Yet, here I am.
In the eight months that have passed I finished writing my university dissertation, started and finished my university final major project, gained almost two stone (ick), graduated from university, found a great job in communications at a startup company, soon realised I hated said job,Β moved from flat shared with boyfriend in Epsom into flat shared with girlfriends in Crystal Palace, dyed my hair brunette in midst of weird identity crisis, quit great job in communications at a startup company in favour of an unpaid internship on the beauty desk at Vogue, spent a trecherous weekend trying to strip the brown dye from my hair and ultimately having to bleach it and re-dye it in order to get a semblance of my natural colour and, finally, finished my placement at Vogue and decided to attempt a freelance writing career.
Safe to say it’s been a tumultuous year, but not one I have particularly enjoyed. There has been nothing particularly terrible that I’ve suffered, yet I’ve felt a sense of loss towards myself that is hard to explain. It’s a peculiar feeling when there is nothing of note happening in your life to get you down, yet you feel as though you are riding out a storm.Β Perhaps a normal feeling during life’s transitional periods. Perhaps something, like most things, that will be clearer in hindsight.
Anyway, that’s really all I have to say on the subject right now. But I am putting myself back together and you can expect to hear more from me in the near future. I’m back.


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