Wants 0.1


Patrick Heron – Black and White, 1956

While I will be happily(ish) sporting last season’s knits, leather trews and ankle boots, thanks to my current unemployed/pending-freelance status, I’m still thoroughly enjoying window shopping.
Kind of. ‘Thoroughly’ is a stretch.
However, if I was to be buying new pieces right now I would definitely not be buying these incredible Acne cranberry corduroy flares, gorgeous as they are. But I might stretch the budget to this oversized Zara knit that looks so darn cosy. Really, really feeling the all red monochrome look, which is extremely out of character for me.
This Warehouse teddy coat is like something pinched straight out of my sartorial dreams. The length is perfect, and the sash across the back adds that extra somethin’ something. The dress, also Warehouse, is the optimal floral midi. It would go perfectly with the Topshop patent Malone bootsย ย gracing the top of my wishlist.
I’ve been pondering the Jillian Dempsey lid tints for the longest time now and wondering whether or not they are worth the courier fees (they aren’t shipped to the UK yet). Then I spotted a pot in the Vogue beauty cupboard whilst on my internship, and it only intensified my longing. Plum is the perfect moody winter shade. Until then, I’ll make do with lipstick lids. Also in beauty is the French Girl Organics Lumiรฉre Body Oil. I found this brand in the new Madewell beauty edit, which is a great curation of beauty bits that keeps in tune with the Madewell cool-girl vibe I definitely subscribe to but, again, not shipped in the UK. Still worth checking out the edit to discover some cute brands and products that are likely available elsewhere; French Girl Organics do ship to the UK via their own website.
Lastly, the Rylan 2.1 Small Black Bag. Designed by Brooke Testoni, Aussie blogger and curator/creator of aesthetic dreams. Brooke has designed a capsule collection of timeless, beautiful leather bags and I, honestly, would be delighted with any one of them. I picked the 2.1 here as, for me, this one is the kind of shape and strap I tend to gravitate towards. I’m also totally enamored by the 2.3 Small Deep Teal Velvet Bag.



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