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My current penchant for “ugly” shoes has lead me into intresting territory. I’ve never been the girl pouring over Manolo’s, nor dreaming of walking the aisle in blue Hangisi pumps. However, looking past the garish satin bejewelled heels for which he is known, in my search for the perfect kitten heeled slingback my attentions have been turned to Manolo Blahnik (spurred on by Barbara Martelo’s incredible instagram feed). The enviable collection of pointy toed, kitten heeled babies in his arsenal has me gaga. And while my student purse strings might not be willing to stretch that far quite yet (graduation, hint hint…mum? dad?), that hasn’t prevented me wasting many a sleeping hour scouring Nordstrom for the perfect “one day” pair…
Image via Barbara Martelo


If anything were to sum up 2016, sartorially speaking, it would be sleeves. Bell sleeves, off the shoulder sleeves, Ellery sleeves (swoon) and now, super duper looooong sleeves. Whether it’s the slinky, ribbed knits over elongating the already lean, lithe ballerina arms at Dion Lee, the sizable marble furs at Rodarte or the oh-so-dreamy delicate knitwear at Ryan Roche; letting the cuffs slip haphazardly past the fingertips feels like a shout out to adolescence. Mine, specifically.

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